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Monitor your energy consumption

Keep track of your energy consumption and its developments with our monitoring service.

Saving energy

By saving energy and using it effectively, we can all do our part in slowing down climate change.

Energy can be saved in two ways:

      • Acquiring equipment and electronic devices that save energy
      • Changing our energy consumption habits

In regular homes, about half of the energy is taken up by heating. By using the most recent techniques and nature’s own heat (air source heat and geothermal heat), it is possible to reduce the heating costs considerably. For example, pellet stoves are good and effortless heat sources. However, the easiest way to save energy is to adjust the temperature to a lower level (around 21 ºC). A single degree is equal to about five percent in heating costs.

A fifth of the overall energy consumption goes to hot water and the rest is used by household appliances and electronic devices, although the newer appliances consume much less electricity than the older models.

More tips for saving energy can be found from the following websites:

Forssan Verkkopalvelut Ltd has joined the Energy Efficiency Agreement in 2008. In the agreement, FVP is committed to implement the action plan so that the energy consumption of the whole corporation and its customers is improved.